On Wednesday 21st June 2017, SheSays and The Voice of a Woman are launching The VOWSS, a new annual addition to the creative calendar. Introduced at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, in Cannes, France.


Every year SheSays represents women’s voices in Cannes. And the Lions have some great initiatives like See It Be It and the Glass Lions.

But there’s more to senior women’s voices than talking about women in the industry or the way they are represented in advertising. And for all the great work we do to inspire, teach and mentor young creative women around the festival there’s still more we can do.

We’re done just talking, now we want to show off the great creative work we make too. Because we believe that women need to be seen as creative superstars as much as agents of change.


The VOWSS screens a selection of the best short films – commercials, branded content, dramas, documentaries, art/experimental-films and music-videos, created by women internationally.

This will become a yearly thing at Cannes Lions, making women’s work the most coveted creative content of the festival!

Film screenings will be followed by live interviews and panel discussions. and The VOWSS closes with an award given for the best work of an individual or team.